Nine Worlds Ahoy!

The glorious #NineWorlds aka @London_Geekfest will be at Heathrow this coming weekend, and I will be there, doing Stuff.  Quite a lot of Stuff, in fact. So if you are attending and would like to experience me Doing Stuff, this is my schedule:

Fri 15:15 – 16:30: Panel: “Waiter, you spilt some sci-fi in my fantasy!”
We’ll be talking about sub-genres and the crossing of genre boundaries. This should be lively.
Room: Commonwealth-West

Fri 9.45 – Party! My lovely publisher, Abaddon/Solaris, is having a  get together. I will be there, as will other Abaddon/Solaris writers. There will probably be drink. Come and talk to us! Make us sign things! (Er..books, preferably).
Room: Royal B

Sat 18:45 – 20:00: Panel: Religion, Faith and Geekery – What is the impact of religion on the geek genre?
As someone who writes about gods and religion on occasion, I will be saying Things.  Other people will also say Things. There is no guarantee that any deities will turn up to state their opinion, but you never know.
Room: 32

Sat 20:00 – 21.30 Gemmell Awards: Room: County
Yes, I will also be Doing Stuff at the Gemmell Awards!  Assuming there are no supervillain plots, alien encounters or anything else that delays me after the above panel…this is when you need a tardis.

Sun 13:30 – 14:45 Panel: Support Groups for Writers – how to make them work.
By this point I may be in need of a support group myself, or at least something to prop me up, but I shall endeavour to be coherent. Should be a good panel for anyone looking to join/set up a writing group.
Room: Royal-A

Nine Worlds is a lovely convention, with a gloriously wide scope, and an amazingly welcoming atmosphere.  And at time of writing tickets are still available,,,

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