I’m a fantasy writer.  In the Before Times, I sometimes ran writing workshops. 

I was formerly represented by agent John Jarrold and am currently seeking new representation.

My first novel, Babylon Steel, came out from Solaris in January 2012. The next in the series, Dangerous Gifts, came out in 2013. The first book in the Gears of Empire steampunk series, Shanghai Sparrow, came out in 2014, and the second in that series, Sparrow Fallingin 2016.

I never expected that I would write about someone who runs a brothel; about sex and sexuality in a fantasy setting. Heavens, I wasn’t even brought up to think about such things in any setting. I still haven’t quite worked out how this happened, but it’s fun.  I like Babylon, and if you haven’t already met her, I hope you will too.  Stories from her world including newspaper extracts, Babylon’s advice to the lovelorn and sexually bemused, and occasional reports from the Chief of the Militia can be found at the Scalentine website.

And no, I never thought I’d write steampunk either. Working with mythology from both the British Isles and around the world, getting down and dirty in Victorian London – and very dirty it was too – and fearsome and fabulous among the Fey.  My heroine is a tough lass who’s spent some years as a street urchin and has some interesting survival skills as a result – she could pick your pocket or simply persuade you to hand over your wallet and thank her for the favour…she’s fun to write, too.

I’m currently working on several new projects.  You can find out more about my books here or read extracts here.

I have a small squeaky cat, a somewhat shaggy garden, and am lucky enough to live with the delightful and talented writer David Gullen.

You can write to me at gs (at) gaiesebold (dot) com.


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  1. Hi Chuckie! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. Believe me when you’re doing this for the first time a year between books doesn’t seem long at all. I’m hoping to have a couple of short stories out in anthologies/magazines in the meantime; as soon as I know when they’re due to appear I’ll put it up here.

  2. You did a wonderful job on Babylon Steel. I intially picked it up due to the cover art, but found the forward interesting. I really enjoyed your writing style and the way you brought the characters to life. I hope you continue with your writing as there are not enough good books out there. Okay so there maybe enough good books, but they aren’t to my liking. Thanks for your hard work!

    • Thank you! I definitely plan to continue. So many people have mentioned the cover art…Marek Okon, the artist, is wonderful isn’t he? Sadly can’t get him for the next one. 🙁

  3. Hi Joanie, and thnaks for your lovely comment. I like the bit about worrying if you worry – I do that too! It’s the fault of all those articles about how bad stress is for you…

  4. Hi there,
    Greetings from Bulgaria and congratulations on the Babylon Steel.
    IMHO, one of the best books I had the pleasure to read in the last few years.
    I first noticed an ad for Dangerous Gifts in the 2000AD magazine mobile app (to which I am subscribed to) and just like many others, I was attracted by the cover art so I downloaded Babylon Steel from Kobo. The cover was, well… promising, but the book more than delivered and after the last page I think that this cover might seem deceptive to some readers – the book is much, much better than what the cover art maybe implies. Thank you for the pleasureful read.
    Just downloaded Dangerous Gifts and can’t wait to go home and enjoy it on my iPad:-)

    V. Schwarz
    Sofia, Bulgaria

  5. Hi Valery – I’m really glad you liked it and hope you’re enjoying the new one. Covers are a funny thing – I was very pleased with mine, but I know that different people have different responses, and I’ve occasionally found covers off-putting but still enjoyed the books.
    And I’m immensely pleased to know that it’s being read in Bulgaria, too!

  6. I’ve been reading scifi since I used to steal my dad’s galaxy mags. For about 45 years now. I’ve been so burned out on guys impressing me with how much science they knew or how many convoluted story lines they could dream up. I yearned for a good old fashion space adventure with a hero I could love. Well you delivered! I’ve read both Babylon books and anxiously await the next ones. Great setting, characters, and interesting plot lines. Just fun all around. Gives me hope for the genre.

  7. Hi,
    This is the first time I have enjoyed a novel so much, I was inspired to write and congratulate the Author. I am of course referring to the FABULOUS “BABYLON STEEL “.
    I was tempted by the cover in a charity shop, but before you start a tirade against a different form of theft, I downloaded it to my Kindle instead. And how glad I am that I did. Such a rich pageant. The City lives in my imagination as if it is real, Babylon is a great character, and the depth of your descriptions of an extended universe of Planes, and the multitude of aliens, gods, etc, that co-exist is deserving of much merit.

    • Hi Martin! Thank you so much, I’m delighted you enjoyed it. And I have no problem with people buying books in charity shops at all – I did a lot of that when I was broke and still do now and again – though of course I’m grateful that you decided to buy it. The sequel is now out 😉 – and if you’d like some more snippets from Babylon’s world check out the Scalentine blog.

  8. Just finished Dangerous Gifts. It is just as wonderful as Babylon Steel. I can’t begin to explain how much I love these books.:D Please tell me there will be another in the saga of Babylon Steel.????

    Linda, North Carolina, USA

  9. Hi Gaie
    I just finished Dangerous Gifts (both Babylon Steel books were awesome!!). It seems like there are enough “loose ends” that there should be more books in the series. Can you confirm if you’ll be writing any more Babylon Steel books? (Please, please, please say yes!!)

  10. Picked up Babylon Steel a few days ago from iBooks and finished it yesterday then went looking for a sequel and found Dangerous Gifts. Just finished it and went looking for another story about Babylons exploits but can’t find it, though did see what appears to be other stories in the Empire universe. I may take a look at them while waiting for more stories from Babylons world. Keep up the writing, an interesting and rich universe to explore further.

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