What’s Going On

Well the last year has been very strange and stressful, but words are still happening and publishers, bless ’em, are still getting things out to the public.

I’ve a new short story in the forthcoming Lost Gods anthology from the wonderful Grimbold Books, now available to pre-order.

If you haven’t yet bought A Hazardous Engagement, a fantasy heist novella with amazing cover art by the extraordinary Duncan Kay, may I suggest you check it out? It’s also available as an audiobook, narrated by the very talented Rosa B Watkinson. If you liked Babylon Steel, I think you’ll like this one. Also please check out the other novellas in this collection, by such stars as Edward Cox and Kari Sperring.

Other things are in the pipeline, clogged though it has been recently by both The World and more personal life events. I will post news as I have it.


What’s Going On — 2 Comments

  1. Gaie, I just finished reading Babylon Steel for the second time, and Dangerous Gifts for the first time. I caught so many more details the second time around that I wanted to say thank you for these characters and their adventures and the messages woven into both books. I hope the muse continues to find you in these wild and woolly times.

    I <3 <3 <3 Babylon,

    • Hi Coralie! So sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed the books. The times are indeed wild, but I have a few things in the pipeline that I’m hoping will see the light of day soon. Hope you’re hanging in there.