Return of the Author

*Opens door, pushing aside pile of e-post, disturbs several dozen electronic skittery things, blows dust off website.*

Hmm.  Looks a bit neglected in here.

A few things have happened since I last posted: (more than a few, but I’m confining this to items that might possibly be of interest to a reader).  I had my first game tie-in story – Nalangu’s Trials – published by Abbadon in The True History of the Strange Brigade, to accompany the new Strange Brigade game they’ve put out.  Nalangu was great fun to write.

I was a judge for the 2018 Arthur C Clarke Award.  (So. Many. Books.)  I was hugely honoured to be asked, and actually managed to beat my impostor syndrome into submission long enough to offer a few opinions.  (But seriously. So. Many. Books).   Ann Charnock’s Dreams Before the Start of Time was a worthy winner, a book that covers important themes with quiet grace and great intelligence. (And we need another bookcase).

I have a story – Gubbins and the ‘Munculus – coming out from the ever-wonderful Fox Spirit.  You can read it for free if you sign up to their newsletter and become a member of the Fox Spirit Skulk.  It’s been called a cult, but if it is it’s a very cuddly cult.

I am working on one Very Long Project and a number of shorter ones, and am in the perennial Writer’s Limbo of Waiting To Hear About Things.

In brief non-writing news, lost my dear elderly cat Schrӧdinger last year, only to have a scruffy starving scrap of barely-more-than-a-kitten start hanging around the garden a few months later.  Attempted to find the original owners of said scrap, but although spayed, she wasn’t chipped, and putting her picture up on various pet-finder sites proved fruitless.

So, we now have a cat again.  Her name is Kismet, she’s not grown much despite having the appetite of an actual tiger, and she’s the most frantically affectionate creature I’ve ever known.  She’s also very pretty. (Much prettier than my rather amateurish photography shows). 

I got engaged, to my long-term and long-suffering Beloved, at my favourite place in the world. So that was cool.  (I, on the other hand, was not at all cool.  I squeaked and sobbed, then grinned like a fool for about a week.).

I acquired a step-grandaughter, who is the cutest baby in the entire universe – sorry, no arguments are at all brookable on this front.  I won’t be posting photos unless and until she’s old enough to give permission, but you can take it from me, she is.

More news when I have it.


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  1. Congrats on cat, engagement, and step-grand baby. Luck on the projects, long & short. Keep us posted please.

  2. Congratulations on all the good things! May there be many more of them, especially in terms of the stuff you’re waiting to hear from!