Eastercon Schedule

Eastercon Schedule is here: http://8squared2013.sched.org/

I’m a busy bee this year.  Friday, 7pm, fantasy genre get-together at the Conservatory Bar, signing books and stuff.  Then running really fast to….

Friday, 8pm, Head to Head panel on C.S. Lewis and E. Nesbit in Rowan, Cedar Court.   Where I will try and sound intelligent in some very intelligent company.

Sunday, 1pm, Advice for Writers panel on Setting, Boardroom, Cedar Court.  Talking about worldbuilding and trying to come up with a more detailed response than, “Whee!  It’s fun!”

Sunday, 5pm, Revolutionary Fantasy panel, Main, Cedar Court.  Where apparently we are going to be storming some barricades.  I wish I’d had more warning, I don’t know what  I did with my pitchfork…

After which I can be found in the bar, probably.

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