This is my morning routine, pretty much.

Feed cat.  Make tea.  Refill kettle and put back on.

Take tea back to bed.  Faff around on internet and drink tea, while being headbutted by importunate cat.

Get up. Put on appr. 4 layers of clothing per limb, and extra on feet.  Add fingerless gloves.

Go downstairs.  Fill hot water bottle.  Put kettle back on.  Make coffee.  Fill 2nd hot water bottle. Take coffee and both hot water bottles upstairs.

Settle at desk.  Tuck 1st hot water bottle behind back.  Place 2nd over feet.  Tuck fluffy blanket around legs.  Cat sits on blanket over feet (and hot water bottle).

Attempt to open document.  Mouse strangely immobile.  Extract mouse lead from under cat.

Resettle cat, feet, and hot water bottle. Retuck fluffy blanket.

Open document.

Head hurts.  Realise have not put glasses on.

Extract feet from hot-water-bottle/blanket/cat combo.  Untuck fluffy blanket. Stand up. Trip over displaced and disgruntled cat. Go in search of glasses.

Find glasses (eventually).

Return.  Resettle hot water bottle, blanket, etc.  (Cat has now stalked off as my feet are obviously unsuitable for protracted sitting-upon).

Realise coffee has gone cold.

Go downstairs.  Reheat coffee.  Return. Resettle feet, blanket, hot water bottles.

Discover I need loo.

Repeat as before.

Possibly get some writing done before ‘hot’ no longer applies to hot water bottles.

Repeat ad infinitum.


It’s not as if the house is that cold.  It’s just my weird personal thermostat; from about September to about May, I freeze from the extremities inwards as soon as I’m immobile for more than 20 minutes.  Does anyone else have to dress as though they’re on a polar expedition before they start writing, or is it just me?


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  1. Hi Michele

    Sorry I’ve only just picked up your comment! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I like the idea of a microwave pillow but…we have no microwave.

    Anyway at least we’re now moving into summer. Finally.