Short Fiction

Some of my short stories can be found in the following anthologies, alongside notable names like Adrian Tchaikovsky, Sarah Pinborough, Lilith Saintcrow, Jaine Fenn, Helen Callaghan, Liz Williams, Jacey Bedford and Simon Bestwick.

From thieves and tyrants to witches and warriors, here are twelve tales of women who gleefully write their own rules, women who’ll bend or break the social norms, who’ll skate along the edge of the law and generally aim to misbehave.

Containing the BFS Award-nominated ‘A Change of Heart’ – a Babylon Steel story.

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What do you get when some of the best women writers of genre fiction come together to tell tales of female strength? A powerful collection of science fiction and fantasy ranging from space operas and near-future factional conflict to medieval warfare and urban fantasy. These are not pinup girls fighting in heels; these warriors mean business. Whether keen combatants or reluctant fighters, each and every one of these characters was born and bred to Fight Like A Girl.

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Legends is an anthology of all original stories written to honour the memory of one of Britain’s greatest fantasy authors. Determined warriors, hideous creatures, wicked sorceries, tricksy villains and cunning lovers abound as fantasy’s finest imaginations do their best and their worst. James Barclay reveals the origins of his elite mercenary band The Raven, Adrian Tchaikovsky unveils new aspects of the realm of the Apt, Tanith Lee, Joe Abercrombie, Storm Constantine, Stan Nicholls, Juliet E McKenna and more weave their magic as only they can.

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Summer’s End wants to see the end of the world. It’s the country that can’t stand its own prosperity, the man who refuses to abandon his son, the rulers who refuse to give up their power or those who don’t know when enough is enough. Each and every story in this collection explores how golden ages end, how great civilisations fall.

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Victim or perpetrator, woman and man. She’s on a journey, he’s on a quest. Doing what we all do – trying to understand. It’s just beyond his grasp; she knows it’s round the next corner. The Redensive Epiphanies of Pouty McNavel: Journeys, endings,and perhaps at last, understanding.

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Pick up the cape that may no longer fit, strap on that armour which may need letting out, grab the sword, that is heavier than you remember, and join us for these seven exciting tales of former heroes. Stand shoulder to shoulder with heroes of former wars, find out what it takes to be a gentleman, join former enemies as they discover that all is not as it seems, come back from war changed, or stalk the enemies of former years…

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Bringing together the brightest, best and darkest female writers in the genre. This anthology features angels, demons, sirens, witches, psychos, and all sorts of supernatural deviants! Filled with humour, darkness, and fantastic imagery. Proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Campaign. 

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This anthology aims to showcase the  best, from Amelia B. Edwards’s ‘The Phantom Coach’, published in 1864, through past luminaries such as Edith Wharton and Mary Elizabeth Braddon, to modern talents including Muriel Gray, Sarah Pinborough and Lilith Saintcrow. From tales of ghostly children to visitations by departed loved ones, and from heart-rending stories to the profoundly unsettling depiction of extreme malevolence, what each of these stories has in common is the effect of a slight chilling of the skin, a feeling of something not quite present, but nevertheless there…

The sun is is the sky. The green fields seem to roll on forever, dotted with flowers. The only sounds are a delicate cooling breeze and the gentle hum of insects. The blanket is covered with sandwiches, strawberries and wine. What could possibly be better than a picnic? Well, in these pages, almost anything. Because these picnics are quite unlike any you’ve seen before. These are feasts of darkness, served from the shadows of the human mind. Perhaps there is something malignant lurking in the grass, or descending downwards from the azure heavens. Perhaps that hum of insects isn’t quite so gentle. And perhaps… perhaps that food and drink isn’t quite what it appears to be. Come along with us. After all, it’s a nice day for a picnic…

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As the shadows of war gather over Europe something is stirring within the darkness; something far older than humankind. Those with evil intent will seek to harness these terrible powers, while those fighting to turn the tide of war will find themselves up against far more than bullets and bombs. In forgotten R’lyeh, Cthulhu stirs as the mighty armies of the Third Reich march.

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There is magic on the urban streets. The Mythic are alive and creating chaos in a city near you. Here are tales of magic and horror; ancient curses and modern charms; strange things in the Underground; murder and redemption; corporate cults and stalwart guardians; lost travellers and wandering gods; fortune tellers and urban wizards; dragons, fae and unspeakable beasts

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‘We are punished by our sins, not for them.’ Elbert Hubbard.

X7 takes you on a sinister, startling and scintillating journey through the deadliest of sins with seven superb horror tales. In these pages both hero and anti-hero will succumb to sin and reap the results of their behaviour. Be it the gastronomic society that uncovers an unusual delicacy, a brother seeking to become closer to his lost sister, the wrath of a serial killer – and his psychologist – being unleashed or the simple sin of lazing a while by the waterside, this anthology will shock and surprise in equal measure…

From 2004-2008, Bridget McKenna and Marti McKenna published fourteen issues of Aeon, an e-book magazine. End of an Aeon collects the unpublished stories and poems from their final inventory. 

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Under the Rose edited by Dave Hutchinson is a new anthology of cutting-edge speculative fiction from some of today’s brightest literary talents. From fantasy to dark fantasy and horror to science fiction and the hard-to-categorize works of the imagination that fall somewhere in-between, there is something here to appeal to the most curious reader.

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Twisted Cat Tales contains 37 chilling and disturbing stories from horror to fantasy, dark humor, and science fiction. Some are told by observers, some by cats, and still others by the objects of the cats’ attention–for good or evil. From the flying felines in the opening story to the lonely lion in the final tale, these cats will get their claws into you.

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  1. Just finished the World War Cthulhu anthology. “From Unquiet Waters” is by far the most effective piece in it, thoroughly unsettling. You outdid Lavie Tidhar, which is no small feat.

    • Hi John – Thank you! That’s very kind of you. I enjoyed writing that one. Horror was one of my first loves, and I keep going back.

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