This is the end…

In response to Chuck Wendig’s latest Flash Fiction challenge, I thought I’d have a go.  So here is the end of a story that will probably never exist in any other way than this…is this zen?  Or just, you know, odd?

Probably both.

The Pond

“They’re all gone,” Bryony said.  She threw another pebble into the water.  The sound it made was like a small door closing for good.  Clup. 

Marcus watched the ripples wash out for a little way and fade back into the surface.  No-one who passed this pond would ever know someone had thrown that pebble into the water; no-one except him and Bryony.

She had a distant, frozen look. It was partly because of Andrea, he was certain.  There was a hole Andrea had made in their hearts.  A cold and miserable wind howled through it; he wondered if it would ever stop.

He sat down next to Bryony.  He wanted to take her hand, or something, take some of that frozen look away, but he couldn’t quite make himself.  Still a coward, Marcus, that voice in his head.  Even after all this.

“So,” he said.


“We saved the world, and no-one will ever know.”

“Pretty much,” Bryony said.

Marcus picked up a stone, cool and flat in his hand.  Instead of just throwing it, he flicked his wrist.  It skipped across the water, one, two, three-four-five.

“Hey, nice!”  Bryony said.

“Not bad eh?”

“No,” she said, and put her arm over his shoulder.  “Not bad at all.”

The End



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